Penegra 100mg buy online to treat erectile dysfunction in men

Penegra 100mg is an oral form of anti-impotence tablet, which measured to be the safe & responsive in reassuring impotency in men. The key ingredient it involves is Sildenafil citrate, which advances the blood course to the male reproductive system & results with sufficient erection. It works by 2 mechanisms to succor commencing with impotence. Initially, it manages the PDE5 enzyme commencement that is liable for restraint of the erection progression & subsequently, it stimulates the GMP creation to helpendure the composition for longer duration of time. Penegra with discount is actually dignified a generic form of Viagra. Penegra without prescription eases the erection course in men.  

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Penegra 50mg

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Penegra 100mg

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How Penegra50 mg does work 

An existence of Sildenafil citrate is penegra the main element, which comes under the class of PDE5 inhibitor. Penile erection generally happens to occur because of physiological aspect.When theman found sexually enthused; this anti-impotence pill animates the expulsion of nitric oxide from the penile nerve cells &replies with the enzyme Guanylatecyclase. This however results the biosynthesis of cyclic guanosine monophosphate. cGMP measured the consequent mediator, which makes the intracellular protein kinases vigorous & aims with the extenuation of penile muscles. This deed simplifies the commotion of the blood. This finally leads to favored erection indispensable for a conventional physical dealings.

What are the dosage direction of the medicine 

Penegra 50mg online is introduced to treat erectile dysfunction. It is proposed to gulp only during sexual spur. This medicine is not announced for female or below 18 guys. Since it is admitted an oral supplement need to be gulped with sufficient quantity of water completely without breaking or crushing. A user must take a supplement 60 minutes before of sexual course as it get into response within 30 to 40 minutes of duration. It gets dissolve in the blood easily to response effectively. It has been limited to take above than 1 pill in a day. Don’t get regular with the supplement consume only during sexual motivation.

Contradictions of Penegra 50 mg

Penegra buy online need not to be taken in the following condition:

  • Anyone allergic to sildenafil citrate or any other ingredients of it must limit taking the medicine

·       Guys below the age of 18 must avoid it

·       Anyone dealing with kidney, liver, cirrhosis, hepatic failure or hepatitis.

·       Any Kidney related issue such as glomerulonephritis, pyeloneophritis etc.

·       Stern cardiac disorder such as heart attacks, strokes, coronary heart disease, angina or chest pain, cardiac failure, aortic stenosis, high or low blood pressure etc.

·       Any blood alliedissuesuch asseveral myeloma, sickle cell anaemia or leukaemia.

·       Any vision concerns allied with retinitis pigmentosa, indistinct vision or color blindness.

·       Deformation of the penis.

·       Anyone having Beta blockers such as propanonol, metaprolol, atenolol or timolol.

What are the Safety Measures?

  • In case of any side-effects speak to the doctor

·       Shun practicingany nitrates laden stuff.

·       Discontinue smoking & drinking alcohol

·       Any case of nausea, dizziness, chest ache or arm ache.

·       Avoid overmedication

·       Do not take it with higher contained oil, spices & cheesy meal.

·       Sustain 24-48 hours gap between the dosages

·       Completely say no to smoking or drinking alcohol

Side effects of Penegra 50 mg

Allergic responses such as skin rash, itching or hives, pomposity of the face, lips, or tongue; Breathing complications; Distinctions in hearing; Abnormalities in vision, inaccurate vision; Chest pain; rapid, intermittent heartbeat, Lengthened or excruciating erection, Annexations; Diarrhea, Flushing, Head pain; Indigestion; Runny nose.


Kindly, place the medicine away from the contact of dampness, heat and sunrays. Get it store at the room temperature away from the reach of small children. It would be better that you store the medicine in the box to get safe from air passage. You need to throw the medicine in the dust bin if got expired.

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