Lovegra (Sildenafil Citrate)


Buy Lovegra for female to bring enough erection

What is Lovegra?

Lovegra for sale online is a kind of medication proposed to perk up sexual effect in females. It embraces the active components called Sildenafil Citrate works like a PDE5 inhibitor. It is for the female who has a sexual issue. It is prescribed for the female who is above 18 below must not practice it. 

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Lovegra 100mg

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The role of Lovegra

Each and every pill of Lovegra get coated with an active components known as sildenafil citrate, which is actually the similar element used in the branded medicine of Viagra. This medicine turns effective within 45 minutes of duration after intake & acts by mounting blood run & sensitivity to the vaginal zone. This in turn leads to enhance the natural lubrication & progress the sexual pleasure during interaction & this holds sexual contentment to an entire new level. Each medicine embraces 100mg of sildenafil citrate & it is vital to practice the proper dosage in order to shun unwanted side effects.

How to use Lovegra pills

  • Avoid using alcohol, as it will moderate the impact of this medicine
  • Do not merge it with other medicines you may be enchanting for sexual dysfunction
  • You need to take this pill only during the sexual activity is planned
  • Shun wide & fatty meals to allocate this medication to perform efficiently
  • This medicine is anticipated for female who want to augment sexual pleasure
  • The maximum suggested dose is habitually 100 mg of Lovegra
  • Avoid taking more than 1 tablet within 24 hours to shun unwanted side effects.

As it has been admitted 100 mg of lovegra a perfect dose to beat sexual disorder. Female taking this pill must not exceed the prescribed dosage to evade over form of side effects. It is prescribed to be gulped 30 to 45 minutes prior of sexual performance & not at all more than once within 24 hours or 1 day of duration. This sexual beating pill can be purchased online in a very cheapest price; it is affordable by anyone easily. One can save their money by ordering this medicine online from our site.

Taking lovegra helps

·         Enhance libido level or even restore dearth of sex drive

·         perk up levels of enthusiasm during foreplay

·         improve blood run & puffiness of the clitoris

·         exaggerate sexual impression

·         Speeds stimulation & time to climax

·         brace orgasm & enhances likelihood of multiple orgasm

·         Creates more recurrent interest in & gratification of sex

Safety method

  • expecting & breast feeding female must circumvent taking this medicine
  • Avoid taking it with nitrates, as it may leads to cause some medical difficulty.
  • Avoid using it in case if you get suffer from severe heart, kidney or liver disease
  • Record of low or high blood pressure should limit taking this sildenafil contained pill.
  • In case of sickle cell disease, bone cancer or anemia, one must shun taking this pill.

Some Side Effects

Generally, Lovegra with discount tablets do not cause any key side effects for most female. However, you may suffer with mild head pain, facial flushing and compassion to light, queasiness, stomach distress & an oppressive nose. These side effects are found always kind in nature & exceed within a few hours of duration. If you found any wide side effects, such as temporary loss of vision or impair hearing, stop practicing this pill & check your physician right away.


Kindly, store the medicine under the room temperature away from the contact of kids, moisture, heat and direct contact of sunrays.  

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