Refund Policy

As far as the refund policy is concerned it considered if the order is not made in proper way or at any specific phase, we are indictable to compensate. Here, on our site you will find an extreme contentment that this condition shouldn’t get ensue. We keep a strong watch on every single order. We desire to confer 100% satisfaction to the buyers. But, by elusion in several of the matters the punter gets accountable to get refund of the policy:

  • If, in case you get the medicine delivered in dented form
  • If, in case you get the medicine with an expired date 
  • If, in case you find the incorrect medicine delivered

Note: - if the shipping gets performed between U.S to U.S there would be no refund or cancellation policy done.

Cancellation policy 

  • Once you place the order you can only accountable to discard it within 24 hours of time duration. 
  • Once the order get progress or sent across there would be no termination. 

Note: - buyers are requested to give proper and correct address for the proper shipping and timely delivery. Moreover, in case of ordering process you will get the refund money in 7 to 10 business working days.