Resistance power in general term means immunity. Immunity is something which describes your health, that how much strong you are. Resistance power gets weak when a person is weak. Consuming Jung food, fatty food leads to such problem. The immune of a person should be very strong to fight with the bacteria in a body. Doctors often say that immune is weak which means the power of the body to fight with bacteria Is declining. When a person is having flu you are supposed to have a strong immune otherwise your condition will become serious. To have a strong immune power you need to have healthy habits of intaking vegetables, fruits.

  1. Sleep well to manage stress: to have an improvised immune you need to have a proper sleep as well as you need to be stress-free. Sleeping less and taking more stress affects the hormone which results in low immune power. Hence doctors advice to have a good sleep and less stress.
  2. Avoid Smoking: smoking also leads to lower the immune. Smoking affects kidney, lungs even entire respiratory system. The effect of smoking may also lead a person to death. Hence it is recommended not to smoke.
  3. Avoid alcohol: avoiding alcohol is important. Consuming alcohol makes the resistance power of person very weak. Intaking more alcohol leads to pulmonary infections.
  4. Healthy diet: A person should consume a healthy diet to build up a good resistance power. Including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds in your diet helps your immune to be strong. Consuming junk foods only increases only the fats in body but having a healthy diet makes a supply of nutrients and proteins which is required by the body. Improving your immune helps your body to fight the bacteria which harms your body.
  5. Probiotics:   To avoid such problems biotics and supplements are made available to help the immune system improve and make it work properly.
  6. Sunrays: Sunlight is a natural way to cure many things. Sunlight provides a body lots of vitamin D which is very necessary.The person suffering from the deficiency of vitamin D is suggested to sit in sunlight for at least 10-15miutes a day.Due to deficiency of vitamin D, there is a risk of increasing respiratory disease.
  7. Consuming garlic: Garlic to be consumed regularly with the food is good for health.garlic to have a lot of heat with deactivates the bacteria which are not necessary for the body.It even boosts the energy. Hence garlic should be consumed to improve your resistance power.
  8. Vitamin-rich products: A person with a low immune need to increase the intake of vitamin-rich food.Vitamin-rich food which includes fruits like oranges, grapes, spinach, strawberries is to be consumed. Your body doesn’t store or produce vitamin, hence it is essential to increase the intake of vitamin-rich food. The good thing is there are many foods in our daily routine which we consume have lots of vitamins. So you do not need to take any supplement for deficiency of vitamin unless a doctor suggests.
  9. Mushrooms: Mushrooms are to be intaken so that it can boost your immune. Mushrooms make your white cells aggressive and also increase their production which helps to fight the infections in your body. 

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