Provigil for those dealing with sleep issues

One day I was passing by the building and suddenly I saw my reflection in a sliding window and I was like “Is it me?” then I realized that one thin blackish layer on skin below my eye. I checked whether it is my eyeliner but it was not my eyeliner it was a dark circle. I took a skin wipe and tried to wipe that darkness with my handkerchief but it was not useful.

I went to my place and tried to wash it off using a face wash but it looks same as it was before. I was worried about my face because I was in the profession of acting and because of dark circle I was looking 10 years older. What the hell? I freaked out.

I realized one thing that the cause of the dark circle is late night shoot, I use to slog on sites, couple of time instead of food I had coffee due to unavailability  of food or due to time constraints, lack of sleep. And from past six months I don’t have proper sleep due to sudden shoot of events. I even started doing dark makeup just to hide my dark circle, even after the shoot I stopped taking off my makeup so that no one can notice my face.

I decided to do something for dark circle. I came to know if I am unable to do anything for it then this dark circles will definitely ruin my career. So at last I decided to work on my dark circle, I watched many videos on the YouTube but to follow that I don’t have enough time.

One day I was at home without wearing my makeup and thinking of my future. Coincidently one of my old friends Jim visited my place. He knocked the door I was completely unaware about his visit I opened door and he asked me “Is it you dear? What happened to your eyes?” and at that point of time I was unable to stop my tears. I cried a lot for a while in a day not because he came to know but I was ashamed of my face. Later on after some time as I was crying he sat beside me and asked me I explained him my boring schedule and my slogs of shoot. After listening my story he suggested me the pills “Provigil”- drug for all time I was surprised that by grace of god I got a solution which will help me to overcome my several issues. But at that time I decided to get it online. I ordered my Provigil bottle, my ordered arrived within two days. I started taking pill a day whenever I had food. And within few days I saw the effect of the Provigil it was like a miracle. Along with Provigil I also scheduled my routine which helped me a lot in staying focussed and in reducing my sleep as well.

It improves the concentration and helps you to be focussed on your work.

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